Dienstleistungen & Services


Payment Services

Processing of

  • Domestic, SEPA and cross-border payment transactions
  • ZESA – central scanning of paper-based domestic transactions
  • Cheque and bill of exchange collection – national & international

Cash Management Services

  • Preparation and dispatch of cash management settlements for financial institutions and corporates via mail, e-mail or web-based
  • Technical support for cash management products (Multicash, Cash Pooling, Cash Management International, Web Bill, Web Check etc.)
  • Professional on-site support for the installation of cash management products


  • Review of all relevant payment flows

Credit Services

Contract processing for private customers, private banking, trade and commerce

  • Preparation of all types of loan and collateral agreements, handling all necessary correspondence including letters of guarantee for private and commercial customers, employee loans and special account loans
  • Electronic creation of the loan account, loan disbursement and substantiation of the credit collateralisation.
  • Processing (electronically & contractually) of all requested contractual changes to existing loans
  • Execution of defined control-measures

Securities Services

Settlement and processing of

  • Custody transactions for international brokers/dealers and global custodians
  • Domestic and foreign equities and bonds
  • Investment fund units

As well as

  • Maintenance of securities accounts and master data of securities
  • Securities transfer
  • Settlement of income and redemptions
  • Corporate actions

Treasury Services

FX-Settlement (price-relevant transactions on the foreign exchange market)

  • FX transactions
  • Foreign currency and coin transactions
  • Commodities

MM-Settlement (interest rate-relevant transactions on the money market)

  • Money market transactions
  • Interest rate derivatives

Securities finance & exchange traded derivatives

  • Repo and lending transactions
  • Bond futures & options

Customer Services

Complaints and investigations processing

  • National and international investigations regarding payments, securities and treasury settlements in multiple languages (German, English, Russian)
  • Nostro account and securities account reconciliation

Customer & Sales Support

  • ELBA hotline and support
  • Market Service Passive – order processing and input controls regarding:
    • Current and special accounts (opening, changes, closure)
    • Debit cards
    • Customer Master data maintenance
    • Inheritances
  • Safes and deposit boxes

Document Scanning and Archiving

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