Vision & Mission

Karriere- und Entwicklungschancen


RSC Raiffeisen Service Center GmbH is the leading service provider for operations processes on behalf of domestic and international financial institutions.


Performance for our customers

  • Operational excellence is our main objective.
  • Highest quality standards and solution-oriented thinking define our approach.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in handling processes and projects is our trademark.

Responsibility for the RAIFFEISEN brand

  • We are aware of Raiffeisen´s principles and the responsibilities they involve.
  • We apply the highest ethical standards to our business activities.
  • We rely on the integrity of our employees.

Achievement through our employees

  • We support our employees equally by encouraging career and development paths corresponding to their abilities.
  • We enable a positive working atmosphere as well as an enjoyable professional environment.
  • We employ highly skilled, motivated and team-oriented people who identify with the company goals.