Company Health Programme

The workplace is a very important part of our lives!

The health of our employees is therefore particularly important to us. A good work-life balance is an important concern for us, and we consider our company health programme to form the basis of this.

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Company health programme 

Our company health programme has been part of RSC’s company culture for a long time. Our aim is to maintain and promote the well-being and performance ability of our employees.

Measures such as a comprehensive sports programme (the MultiSport Card in Bratislava, or sporting events) are designed to maintain and strengthen health in the long term. Our company health programme also includes a healthy breakfast and free fresh fruit. 

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For me, the best benefit is the MultiSport card, which I can use for different sport activities. I use it for the gym, swimming pool and wellness.

Employee from Operations in Bratislava

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It is an optional benefit, where RSC pays more than half of monthly payment. With this card, I can use more than 2,200 facilities in Slovakia and Czechia all year around. I can select from over 260 kinds of exercising and relaxation activities. It is a very useful benefit which keeps us healthy.

Employee from Operations in Bratislava

In addition, we also offer help with optimising workplace design and we organise seminars on stress management and resilience. In addition, our employees can receive advice about their physical and mental well-being, free-of-charge from our in-company doctor and psychologist.

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The annual health check offered by RSC saves employees the journey to their own doctor and is a time saver for everyone who takes advantage of this. // Employee from the Securities Division

We are particularly pleased with the positive professional feedback regarding our initiatives: For our sustainable initiatives, we have been awarded the seal of approval for our company health programme by the ‘Österreichischen Gesundheitskasse’ every year, since 2011.