Performance-related Pay & Company Benefits

Your performance – your pay!

We are convinced that pay should be based around the performance of our employees: Those who show strong commitment have the opportunity to earn themselves an additional bonus.

In our transparent salary model, it is possible to increase your salary every year if you meet our performance and quality-related targets. This means that it is in the hands of each and every employee, so that their efforts pay off.

As a part of your appraisal meetings, performance targets and training steps are defined. During these meetings, expectations on both sides are clarified, projects are planned and developments are discussed.

Company benefits

We offer a wide range of company benefits, including: 

  • Subsidised meals in our staff restaurants / lunch vouchers
  • Healthy-eating initiatives in our staff restaurants
  • Free fruit deliveries
  • Discount vouchers – e.g. for products from the health, cosmetics or technology sectors
  • Internal company events

Getting together is important for us.

That’s why we organise regular team events to bring the corporate culture of RSC to life. Whether at cross-site celebrations or joint team-building events (such as city trips, bowling or film evenings) - as a team we experience more.

At our events, e.g. Christmas parties, we have the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and to exchange ideas with colleagues away from our daily working routines.

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Regarding the employee events, we have a ‘Christmas party’ every year in Vienna. Also, we have team building events, which are good opportunities to meet our colleagues from Vienna, meet new colleagues and talk to them.
I am always looking forward to this event. 

Employee from Operations in Bratislava

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RSC’s flexitime model gives me the opportunity to organise my private and professional life flexibly without being restricted by rigid working hours. It’s also very convenient to arrange private appointments because of this. // Employee from Loan Services

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RSC Benefits