Onboarding & career development

Welcome on board at RSC!

As a new employee you will be given a personal welcome on your first day of work. You will start with a structured onboarding phase: On your ‘Welcome Day’ you will get an insight into the world of RSC and during the first few weeks we want to make your start easier by having an experienced employee support you, both personally and professionally.

The ability to work independently and flexibility are very important when performing your new tasks. A combination of e-learning and face-to-face training which is delivered by internal trainers, will prepare you thoroughly for these tasks and give you a comprehensive all-round view.

Those who start with us straight from school, start as juniors. After your training has been successfully completed and with the experience you have gained, the next career step for you is "agent". A limited number of very experienced employees have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities and tasks as a senior agent. 

Anyone with potential and interest in a management career , would begin their management career as a team leader and in this role could develop their employees and control and design processes.

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There is an opportunity for potential leaders to attend Leadership Academy which prepares for the future role. I am also part of it. It is a great academy with a lot of qualified lecturers who will prepare us for challenging situations in the future. Hopefully, this academy helps me to become a good operational leader.

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