The increase in quality is mainly achieved by implementing a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Our quality management serves to improve the performance of our company, to implement changes in a future-oriented and sustainable manner and to ensure the effective and efficient processing of transactions.

Our ISO 9001 quality management system enables us to meet our customer’s requirements with our products and services. It also ensures that we are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction. This includes a strict focus on processes, the continual improvement of processes by applying the Plan-do-check-adjust (PDCA) cycle, as well as the ongoing consideration of risks and opportunities.

The ISO Certificate - and thus our high quality standards - have again been confirmed in 2021!

The re-certification audit according to ISO 9001:2015 took place in May 2021. The external auditors of Quality Austria checked almost all departments.

The auditors confirm the RSC as a company with highly industrialized processes that are rarely encountered in the service industry. The creed of continuous improvement that is lived across all hierarchical levels is remarkable.

Among other things, the following were particularly positively highlighted:

  • The high-level processing in operations while maintaining or increasing productivity in the home office
  • The ongoing process of converting to "paperless"
  • The extremely professional and meaningful use of Power BI
  •  The 270 ° management feedback

Such feedback is not an everyday occurrence. Such feedback from external auditors is the result of a lot of commitment from each individual, it is the result of a high degree of customer and result orientation and it is the result of very solid structures in the company.

We thank everyone for this nice result!